“The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy.” 

-Joseph Pilates-

Meet Susanne

Susanne Liiri is a comprehensively trained classical Pilates and Vinyasa Yoga teacher and a movement therapist. She has been a Licensed Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO for over 10 years. Her background in professional dance, she is passionate about movement and always inspired how it can truly heal. Therefore Susanne was blown away when she first discovered Pilates. Finally she had found a movement method that not only helped her with rehabilitation as well as injury prevention, but could help anyone from any walk of life to move better! She is dedicated to meet her clients where they are and focus to help people become pain free, empower them to move better and get stronger as well as more mobile. Susanne has extensive experience in rehabilitation, as well as pre- and post-operation support and she regularly works in cooperation with physios, osteopaths and doctors. Often combining different movement types and styles to best benefit the person in front of her, Susanne’s classes are fun, engaging and informative.


Susanne holds a BfA in Dance Education. After performing, choreographing and teaching dance for years, she first trained and began teaching Pilates in her native Finland in the early 2000’s. Hungry for more in-depth knowledge, she continued her Pilates education by enrolling in The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program in Boulder Colorado, also known as the Harvard of Pilates training programs. Since graduating Susanne has taught and teacher trained around the world before settling in Ireland. Through her dancer years Susanne was an occasional yogi, but while living in Dubai she started practicing more regularly and eventually trained as a Yoga teacher with YogaWorks. In her highly popular classes and private sessions she emphasizes good alignment and moving from muscular support.

Pilates & Yoga to rescue

Susanne uses her own Pilates and Yoga practices to maintain her strength and mobility so she can enjoy and explore her passions of Argentine tango and rock climbing. Once a dancer, always a dancer, Susanne loves her tango and dances several times a week. She also travels abroad regularly to dance in bigger international events. Rock climbing gives her headspace. The absolute concentration required while climbing and the challenge of pushing ones limits, both mental and physical, fascinates and inspires Susanne. While living in the Middle East, Susanne studied Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST). It is a non aggressive, gentle way of tackling the sometimes stressful challenges of our everyday life or releasing old traumas still trapped in the physical container of the body. Through skillful, therapeutic touch the practitioner can start to unravel and identify your body’s needs, and support the body and nervous system in restoring your full potential of health. In her teaching Susanne utilizes all these skills along with lots of hands on cueing.

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